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Centro Universitário de Araraquara – UNIARA

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Centro Universitário de Araraquara - UNIARA

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Camila Borges Coelho
2) Luiza Pedrão Lorenzetti
3) Camila Sesso
4) Hugo Santos
5) Karen Elise da Silva
6) Patrícia Okano
7) Thaís Françolin Galócio
8) Bruna Marani
9) Fabiana Figo

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The mirrored brain
The stroke corresponds to a sudden focal cerebral dysfunction caused by the interruption of blood supply, resulting from ischemia or hemorrhage. In Brazil, in 2007, the stroke was the main cause of death and it is estimated that every year the number of new cases of stroke reaches 20 million, resulting in death in about 5 million, leaving motor and cognitive sequelae in a third of the other 15 million. These motor and sensory changes characterize the main symptom arising from this pathology, hemiparesis contralateral to the lesion characterized by muscle weakness, decreased sensation and change of tone is the main responsible in generating disability and functional deficits in post-stroke individuals. Given this reduction in functionality arising from post-stroke changes have been developed several types of therapies that aim at recovery of motor function, such as therapy mirror, which has a differential motor recovery neural plasticity via generated visual, allowing that therapy is even held by individuals without upper limb movement.
The aim will be to present and clarify the stroke and demonstrate through the mirror both the sensorimotor performance as the upper limb functionality paretic of post-stroke.
Camila Borges Coelho
Luiza Pedrão Lorenzetti
Camila Sesso
Hugo Santos
Karen Elise da Silva
Patrícia Okano
Thaís Françolin Galócio
Bruna Marani
Fabiana Figo

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