Brain Awareness Week

The Dana Foundation’s Brain Awareness Week Outreach Grants Program provides funding to a select group U.S. and Canadian partners to support their outreach activities in celebration of the campaign.

Up to $1,500.00 USD is awarded to each successful applicant. To be eligible to receive a grant, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Your institution/organization must qualify as a public charity under U.S. tax laws.
  • Your institution/organization must be a registered Brain Awareness Week partner from the United States or Canada. Visit Become a Partner to register.
  • Your outreach programming must be in celebration of Brain Awareness Week and take place during January-March.
  • Your programming must be free for all attendees.

The grants support both in-person and online/virtual events (live or pre-recorded). Please choose a format for your Brain Awareness Week celebrations that will ensure the health and safety of your organizers, volunteers, and attendees.

Applications are reviewed by a committee of neuroscientists and other outreach specialists and judged according to the following criteria:

  • the overall quality of the proposed program and its specific activities;
  • the program’s relevance to Brain Awareness Week’s mission to foster public enthusiasm and support for brain science;
  • the impact of the program in terms of the number and diversity of people to be reached; and
  • the creativity and originality of the program in its approach to outreach.

Grantees are  required to submit a report on the results of their Brain Awareness Week programs. These reports will be posted on the Brain Awareness Week website and serve as models for other partners to follow in future campaigns.

In 2021, the program funded the outreach activities of 35 Brain Awareness Week partners in 19 states. Click here to view a list of our 2021 grantees. The program is expected to launch again in the fall of 2021 to support Brain Awareness Week 2022 activities.

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